Damascus 5 piece japanese knife set


  • EUR : 895,-
  • GBP : 802,-
  • CHF : 1032,-


  • 1 x Santoku knife (14cm / 5 ½”)
  • 1 x Santoku knife (18cm / 7″)
  • 1 x Santoku knife (17cm / 7½”)
  • 1 x Bread knife (23cm / 9″)
  • 1 x Nakiri knife (14cm / 5 ½”)

The Stunning knives with traditional blade shapes in this set are manufactures by hand with great craftsmanship and knowledge turning each knife not just into a precision tool but also into a work of art.
To produce these knives, steel is treated till it’s red-hot to produce blades with great hardness ensuring the knives cutting quality. After that, the blade is further treated with care and given its final cutting performance through sharpening by hand. But not just the blade gets all the focus, great attention is given to the handle as well to guarantee a balanced and optimum grip. The exquisitely polished blade and the matted black handle are individual word of arts, but combined their fascinating contrast turns each knife into a visual highlight.
Store your knifes in de convenient box, this not only adds to your safety but also helps to maintain their edged. Clean the knives by hand to keep them in optimum shape (don’t leave the handles in the water too long), take care when cleaning and drying. Wood or bamboo are the best undergrounds to cut on since they don’t blunt the knives.
Santoku knives
Santoku knives are real all-purpose knives and a must in every kitchen. They combine the duties of a chef’s knife and a cleaver making it great for chopping, slicing and dicing. The wide blade allows some typical activities like crushing garlic and scooping up the chopped ingredients on the blade.
Nakiri Knives
The Nakiri knife has a typical shape designed for easily chop and cut all types of vegetables (even though it looks like a cleaver, it’s not suited for bones)

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30 Year Warranty, High Quality Steel